Petra Reece
Australian Artist

"I am not a single subject painter ... whatever moves me enough will eventually be translated onto canvas. An old photo, a glimpse in the street, a shape, a colour, clouds, the sea, a vague memory..




Petra Reece was born in Holland and emigrated to Australia with her family. Her father and brother both artists, worked making and restoring stained glass. Petra graduated with a B.A. and post graduate diploma at the Phillip Institute of Technology.

She has had several solo exhibitions and has twice won the Castlemaine Self Portrait prize. Her work is in both private and public collections. Petra is represented by Eva Breuer in Sydney and Catherine Asquith gallery in Melbourne.

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Petra Reece is repesented by Eva Breuer in Sydney.

Petra Reece is repesented by Catherine Asquith Gallery in Melbourne.

Petra’s work is represented with Gallery 19 Karen, Gold Coast, Queensland - Director: Terri Lew